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About Megan

I’ll help you find great deals, plan better trips, and travel more places.

After a bite from the travel bug, I can't stop myself from regular adventures. While I love traveling, I'm not a hostel-stayer or a backpacker. Just like you, I'm a three star traveler. Give me a hotel room with wifi and a decent place to eat and I'm ready to travel the world. 

Armed with a love of food, my camera, my extra-smart hubby, and a burning desire to see the world, I share stories, tips, and wisdom to help you create your next adventure. 

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Work With Me

Travel Consulting

Do you want a custom package planned just for you? Have questions around traveling? Let me know how I can help.

Travel for Business

With years of experience traveling for business, I can help optimize employee travel, expenses, and make your team more efficient.

Travel & Tourism Partnerships

Do you represent a destination? Do you want to promote tourism in your area? Send a message and we'll find the best way to work together. 


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