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The Traveler's US Election 2016

The Traveler's US Election 2016

Where to begin? Over a week following the 2016 US election and it's hard to believe the whole thing is over. Months and months of name-calling, scandals, bullying, and hateful words spoken willingly across the country. It's over for the next 3-ish years.

The Election Doesn't Matter Anymore

I don't care who you voted for. My friends, family, and readers voted for Clinton, Trump, Johnson, and Stein. And guess what, it doesn't matter anymore. Let me repeat that.

It doesn't matter anymore.

You've heard Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the cast of Saturday Night Live, and most of the media say it by now. It's time to remember that Americans, both abroad and at home, spoke. They did what so many celebrities and media outlets ask: they voted. Whether you fall on the winning side or losing side, people voted and we have a new president-elect.

Find the Commonality

Sure, you can protest. There are protests in the USA, Berlin, and plenty of other places around the world. But what matters now is that we stand united. The success of USA's leader is not just important for the USA and her citizens, but for everyone around the world. Whether you are German, Dutch, Ghanaian, Finnish, Russian, Chinese, Australian, Indian, Brazilian, American, or Canadian, remember this: We are all one people.

I travel to other countries to find common ground between cultures. When I travel, I don't see what makes us different, I see what makes us all the same. No matter where you go and no matter how different people are from you, we all have an inherent love for our families. We all work to protect children from danger. We all share yummy noises and eye-rolls when we are enjoying a delicious meal.

We are One

These things don't change just because the leader of a country did. Go out and hug your friends. Share a meal with strangers so by the end of the meal, they're your friends. Travel the world and remember that whether you are black, white, brown, pink, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or a mix of everything, you are not so different from the person sitting next to you.
And remember this: when we need to unite as a human race to battle the aliens, none of our differences will matter. We've all seen Independence Day.

Best of... 2016

Best of... 2016

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