2016 Year in Review

I'm a big fan of Sean Ogle. He's the man behind Location Rebel and he's been a digital nomad since 2008. One of the things he does really well is recap each year. In my own little way, I am attempting to emulate that with my 2016 review of what went well, what sucked, and how I plan to make it better. In the spirit of Festivus (Seinfeld reference), I'll share the Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength.

Let's get the icky stuff out of the way first so we can end on a good note.

Airing of Grievances

  • Inconsistent posting
  • Wildly behind on editing trip photos
  • We lost Grandma Susie
  • Our big trip wasn't as magical as we wanted it to be

Feats of Strength

  • Visited India - and had a much better time than we thought
  • Closed our business
  • Started My Life Abroad
  • Bought some new domains. Stay tuned….
  • Got better at photography - especially with my phone
  • Got better at editing photos

2016 Review

Look at that, there are more strengths! Now, here's the real part: what will I do differently in 2017.

  • Create a posting calendar to help me stay accountable to posting regularly
    • Stick to my planner!
  • Write content all the time - good, bad, or ugly
  • Make time to edit photos. Even if it's 30 min at a time - something is better than nothing
  • Consider the options for the new domains
  • Create a course plan to help more people find time for travel or for their hobbies

Overall, despite many complaints from society, 2016 was a great year. Half the battle is having a great attitude, finding the good in all situations, and realizing that YOU have the ability to change your circumstance.


How was your 2016? More importantly, what will you do differently on January 1, 2017? Time to take action.

Here are two of my favorite photos published this year


Cinque Terre, Italy at Sunset

Cinque Terre, Italy at Sunset

Seine River from the Eiffel Tower

Seine River from the Eiffel Tower