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How Travel Changes You

How Travel Changes You

Travel changes you. It's not a question, but a statement of fact. The more you travel, the further from home you are, the more you change. It's small at first, perhaps even unnoticeable. Bit by bit, the places you visit become part of your personality and your soul. It's unavoidable. 

If you travel regularly, whether for business or leisure, here are a few changes you may notice.


If you travel regularly, you start to get comfortable with airline delays, changes of plans, waiting for Ubers, and long trips by plane, train, and automobile. I'm sure some life hacker out there will tell you 10 Ways to Avoid Waiting, but at the end of the day, travel improves your patience levels. As you visit other countries, you notice the slower pace of life compared to America. People take more time to eat, to visit with friends/coworkers/clients, and they take more time for themselves throughout the day. And you know what? The world keeps turning. After spending at minimum, two months each year traveling, you realize you can slow down and nothing bad happens. 


It takes just one trip to broaden your understanding of the world. Maybe you understand the laws in other states or countries better following your trip, or maybe you understand how tourists from your country are perceived. No matter what the subject matter, traveling opens a world of scenarios for you to experience and have a better understanding of how the world works. 


Stress is a double-edged sword in travel. Traveling allows you to see the difference between big problems and small problems. After traveling a bit, you probably don't stress out about the little stuff, but it seems the big issues get bigger and cause more stress than usual. At least, I find this true for myself. Stress and stressors are different for all people. Overall, I find my stress levels are lower the more I travel. 

Keeping an Open Mind

Lastly, travel enables you to be more open minded about your world. Whether you stay within the borders of your own state or venture as far from home as possible, your mind can always expand. You may learn something new, have a unique experience, make a new friend, find or lose religion, volunteer, or develop a new passion. There's no limit to what is possible when you travel. When you travel, you naturally open your heart and mind to new experiences, people, and adventures, ultimately making you a better person.

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments how travel changes you!

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