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3 Travel Hacks to Save Money

3 Travel Hacks to Save Money

Do you envy people who travel all the time? Do you say to yourself, "must be nice to travel..."? I used to do that too, until I learned the best travel hacks to save serious dinero on your next trip.

Travel Hacks - Airfare

ITA Matrix

This software, powered by Google, looks at your dates, destinations, and departure city to help craft the best trip possible. Yes, it takes some work and quite a bit of monitoring, but if you're looking for a specific destination, this is the go-to for travel hacks. When I plan travel for my dad for his weightlifting competitions, I use this religiously. Using the ITA Matrix, I booked round-trip flights from LA to Auckland, NZ for $696.00 per person.

Yes, you read that correctly.


Travel Hacks - Vacations


This is one of my favorite travel hacks. Go to the TravelZoo site, sign up for the weekly newsletter and BAM! You're now getting package deals sent to your email every Wednesday. Through TZ, we've done airfare + hotel trips to Ireland, Iceland, China, the AzoresSpain, and India. All for less than $1000 per person.

The hotels provided are wonderful because, let's face it, you'll just be sleeping there. The flights are decent and you get to visit great places on the cheap! TZ polls travel agencies and tour companies for great deals and then releases them. Sometimes it's through a company like Gate1, and sometimes it's through a government driven incentive to increase tourism in the country. This is how we got such great deals for Ireland, Iceland, and China.


Travel Hacks - Guided Trips

Gate 1

Gate1 is similar to TravelZoo, but a little pricier. That being said, you can get some AMAZING deals through Gate1. These deals usually provide a guide or they have a local expert who will be at the hotel to help you set up day trips or provide guidance on things to do. We booked our recent trip to Italy through Gate1 and got to meet Carolina who helped us set up day trips to Venice, Rome, and Cinque Terre.

Gate1 also offers quite a few deals for safaris and other adventure excursions if that's your flavor.



Got questions? Want help planning your next trip? I can help with that.  Happy Travels!

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