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AirBnB Issues for International Bookings

AirBnB Issues for International Bookings

Dear Friends, I need your assistance. We just encountered some AirBnB issues.

While we are great travelers and have the ability to do so more than most, there are always new experiences to be had. Recently, my parents won an AirBnB gift card. While I am traditionally a hotel girl (more on that in another post), we decided to give AirBnB a shot for an upcoming trip to Washington DC.

Our first booking experience has been great and I'll definitely post about it once we go in a few weeks. I was so pleased with how simple things were, I decided to check out AirBnb for our next BIG trip to New Zealand in 2017 (remember this date - it's important). (Update: learn about our first AirBnB stay in Washington DC)


As a bit of background, we are going to New Zealand for one of Dad's weightlifting competitions. The dates are solid, with zero flexibility. Since it's an international event, all the hotels in the city jacked up the prices and require a minimum three to five night stay. On top of all that, the venue where Dad needs to be is a 20 minute drive outside the city in a residential area. Not one single hotel for kilometers.

So, I went to the trusty internet and mustered up my courage to explore AirBnB. After searching. I found a lovely, but modest property, close to the venue and in our price range. What's a girl to do? I booked it! I felt glorious, accomplished, and proudly told my dad he had one less thing to worry about.

That was on Saturday - June 18th to be precise. The next day, on Father's Day, while my dad is off on yet another adventure with my mom, I get this:


Can you help?

WTF mate? Experiencing AirBnB issues so soon after booking is highly suspect. Again, I'm new to the AirBnB world, but it seems highly suspect that I got a great place for a great price during a major international sporting competition and then suddenly the host wants me to cancel? I looked up the cancellation policy for hosts and they incur penalties when they cancel.

My question to you, oh lovely travel friends, is "Can this be for real??" How does this host need to perform maintenance on the property the week my family and I are there, but the property is fine to rent from now until NEXT YEAR? I looked at the dates around our booked days and the property is available. So why those dates? What maintenance needs to be performed that can wait until 2017, but can't occur during any of the other open weeks in the year?

Y'all, I need you. Share your thoughts, your horror stories, your champion stories. Am I alone in this experience? Is this a one off thing? Or is this more common than folks might realize. I am open to thoughts, however, I do find this highly suspicious.

Thanks friends. I promise to respond to every comment.


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