Yoga & Finding Inspiration Anywhere

Recently, I took my first instructor-led yoga class. As a former dancer, stretching is a vital and welcomed part of any day, but I never took an actual class. Frankly, the only reason I took this class is because my workplace offered it. I didn’t have to leave the building or be in a room full of strangers who would judge me. After my first class, I was hooked.

Yoga at Home

Sure, yoga on YouTube at home works. I enjoyed it, but with cats and family, it was hard to be fully present in the practice. During my weekly yoga class in a dark room with 3 other coworkers, I fully concentrated on my breath, felt the micromovements in the muscles and fully understood the practice of yoga.

As I’m starting my practice, there’s so much to learn. However, I already knoq how vital it is to connect with oneself on this level. It’s centering and peaceful, not to mention it’s motivated me to be better for my family and my business. It’s also allows me to be more creative and sharper. How can you go wrong?

The Journey Ahead

If you’re searching for inspiration as that New Year’s motivation wears off, look into yoga. Personally, I’m a big fan of yin yoga to promote flexibility, peace, and presence. The ability to stretch the deep muscle tissue and find the place in your mind where you are completely centered is deep and powerful. And remember, because I often forget, it’s about practice, not perfection.

As of now, one of my favorite videos is by Travis Eliot. This is a full hour long class where you'll spend 3-5 minutes in each pose really getting that deep tissue stretching.