My Thirties: Year One

On May 5, I turned 31. This birthday was relatively unremarkable. My past two birthdays, I spent in India and New Zealand, respectively. Not a bad way to mark the passing of another year. For this birthday, I was at home in North Carolina with my family, just hanging out. 

While I didn’t hate my twenties, I still felt so awkward and unsure of who I was and where I wanted to go. As I approached 30, I resolved to choose a path of what I wanted to focus my time and energy on. 

My plan is simple: kick ass at my job and kick ass at building this site. I spent a long time thinking I could only do one or the other and that’s simply not true. With focus, scheduling, and diligence, I can do both things beautifully because both things make me happy. Without my job, I wouldn’t be able to travel eight weeks out of each calendar year or pay the bills. Without this site, I wouldn’t have a creative outlet to share my photography, videography, and writing with the world.

Going forward, I’m introducing one new series to the blog. I’m calling it a Travel Transformational. Think of it as kinda like a devotional, but instead of passages from various religious texts, I’ll share quotes and passages that simply inspire. Being based in North Carolina, religion is all around me, and that’s wonderful. However, after traveling the world, making friends on many continents with different backgrounds and beliefs, and not having a particular religion I claim, it made sense to share things that can be transformative to others, especially as they have been transformative to me. 

Enjoy the new monthly Travel Transformational series and glimpse into my mind and sources of inspiration. Til then, Happy Travels. 

Peanut the Puffball at my friend's farm.

Peanut the Puffball at my friend's farm.