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Nespresso is the Best-o

Nespresso is the Best-o

I never loved coffee. It wasn't until September 2015, when we visited Finland, that I finally found a coffee I liked. We arrived at the Hotel Indigo in Helsinki and I had my first experience with Nespresso. As the "comes with the room" coffee maker, the little Nespresso in our Helsinki room was quite the experience. My hubby and I immediately set to figuring it out and before I knew it,  it was 10 pm. I was 2 cups in and hooked.

Our Nespresso Journey

Luckily, there is a Nespresso boutique in downtown Helsinki, so we decided to learn more. We were very frank that we were not going to buy a Nespresso machine just 6 days into our 17 day trip. Regardless, we were treated with respect, hospitality, and genuine kindness while we looked around, asked questions, and were treated to every different flavor they offer.

Once we got back home, we missed our Nespresso experience. Being in NC, the closest boutique to us is 200+ miles away in Tysons Corner. We discussed the expense of buying a coffee maker and I was  hesitant because I had never been a coffee kind of girl, but the hubby was ready to pull the trigger.

A couple of weeks after returning home, we woke up on a Saturday morning and laid in bed. While checking email, I looked at an offer from Sur la Table for a Nespresso machine. On sale! We jumped in the car and drove to our local Sur la Table. My selling point: Nespresso pods are recyclable. When you buy your machine, you get a special recycling bag where you keep used pods. When the bag is full, return it to your local Nespresso dealer and they take the pods and give you a new bag. I'm always looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious. I read how terrible the K-Cups are since they can't be recycled and we did not want to contribute to the problem. Once we knew about recycling the pods, we walked out with a beautiful DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso machine.

Then, the real Nespresso magic happened

During the sale of our Nespresso at Sur la Table, I was told I to go online and register my machine. You also use the web (or the awesome app) to order coffee. When I registered my machine, I entered all my information and filled out a profile - the works. I was able to order coffee online and get free 2 day shipping on my order. Can I get a hells yeah!?!

This lazy girl is not going to go out and buy stuff. Frankly, I'm surprised I got my butt to Sur la Table (I do love that store though). If we're being honest here, and I'm always honest, I can barely get to a computer to order stuff. My easily distracted brain needs to order stuff as it pops into my head. Enter the Nespresso app.

Since the Nespresso, my life is better. Maybe it's a more positive outlook on life. Maybe it's the happy little dance I do when I get steamed milk in mug. Possibly it's the fact I can recycle the coffee pods. Or maybe it's as simple as not spending 4-5 bucks at Starbucks per person. Maybe it's nothing.

Or maybe I just feel that much closer to a friendship with George Clooney.

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