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Three Star Traveler

Three Star Traveler

This post marks a change in direction from My Life Abroad, my former site. After working on this for one year, I've realized while I love food and will continue to feature it on here, travel is not about seeing the world, one bite at a time… any more.

Why the Change?

Great question. Because in the deepest part of my soul, I want need to help people. I never wanted my love of food to come off as taunting. I never wanted anyone to read my posts and hear "Nah nah nah boo boo, Look at all these places I visit and you don't.

That is not what I wanted. No one ever came out and said anything (in case you're wondering). But the more I sat down to write, the harder it was to share stories that felt helpful.

I want to help you travel. I want you to cross places off your travel bucket list. I want to help you plan your trips and be more efficient and organized so you feel comfortable taking time off work to go on that safari or drink a Jack Sparrow amount of rum on a beach far away.

How Will I Help You?

I've been to my fair share of places both foreign and domestic. I love to travel and get twitchy if I'm home too long. That being said, I'm not a nomad. I love having a home base with my stuff, my pets, my hairdresser, and my favorite yarn store. I love the idea of being able to pack your life in a bag and travel the world, but that's not me.

And I'm guessing it's not you either. Don't you love reading bloggers who venture off into the dark corners of Malaysia or some remote island in the middle of the South Pacific? And some part of you really wants to do that, right? But then you think, but I love my life. I actually like my job and I like going to Target. And maybe I can even get tickets to see the touring production of Hamilton! I don't want to give that up to ONLY travel the world…

You don't have to. Travel is not an either/or. Travel does not have to be 1 week at a time in the same place you've been the last 8 years. Travel can still be an adventure - a trip you can't wait to plan. A trip you're happy to spend money on… because you know you really can have it all.

My goal is to help you be a better planner (not just for travel), be more organized, and share the tools and systems I can't live without which help me cross things off my bucket list.

The Three Star Traveler

A source of frustration I have is finding people who travel like I do. I'm not a luxury traveler. I've never stayed in a Ritz-Carlton. The best I've done is a JW Marriott for a business conference, which my employer paid for. While I'm not a luxury traveler, you won't catch me dead in a hostel with a 100 pound backpack strapped to me while I schlep around a foreign country.

So, what's in between a hostel-staying, backpack wearing, gap-year-taking traveler  and a Ritz-Carlton staying, room-service ordering, first-class-flying traveler?


That's right. You and me. Your family and my family. Taking the world by storm. We're comfortable, moderately successful, happy-in-our-lives people who got bit by the travel bug and can't stop. Maybe you have kids, maybe you're single, maybe it's just you and your honey looking to go somewhere new and exciting, or maybe it's you and your retired parents seeing the world together.

Who are we?

We are the three star travelers. We look on Trip Advisor to know where to eat in India so we don't get sick. We find hotels with WiFi. We have 2 carry-ons and a checked bag. And we rent cars and explore our destinations on our own terms. And maybe we even have a margarita or two.

So welcome, to the new My Life Abroad! I truly appreciate your support and would love to see your comments!

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