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Are Travel Cubes Worth It?

Are Travel Cubes Worth It?


Travel Cubes, also known as packing cubes, are a source of great debate amongst travelers. Well, at least amongst nerdy travelers. Travel cubes are essentially flexible fabric boxes to help you stay organized while you travel. Most people overpack for extended trips and feel overwhelmed at the thought of packing only in one to two personal items. A standard checked bag plus two personal items feels comfortable for the average traveler.  Packing cubes help travelers at all experience levels pack securely, efficiently, and stay organized.  

Travel Cubes = TSA Friendly

Have you ever been behind that person at the airport who has to repack their entire suitcase? Have you been that person? If you're suitcase or pack is on the verge of exploding with shirts, pjs, undies, and all the whatsits and doodads you packed, you need packing cubes. When you pack in the travel cubes, you can easily open your bag without the fear of having to repack. TSA also appreciates packing cubes if you're "randomly selected" for a bag search. If the scanners see something suspicious, they don't have to dig through your unmentionables to inspect the item.  

Elegant Efficiency   

If you have a soft suitcase (think fabric, not hard sides), you may have already experienced the joys of luggage handlers ripping your suitcase. With packing cubes, you rest easy knowing a lone sock didn't escape during your layover. When your items are loose in your suitcase, it's difficult to find what you're looking for and saves you time by knowing exactly where your socks are relative to your jeans. No more digging for your favorite shirt or your bathing suit and questioning whether or not your packed it. 

Another benefit of using travel cubes comes when buying souvenirs. Once you're all packed in the travel cubes, you have a pretty good idea of how much room you have (or don't) for gifts and souvenirs while you travel. In addition to suitcase sized travel cubes, there are slim cubes. These slim packing cubes making traveling with a backpack or a duffel bag much more enjoyable. They're incredibly handy for short trips (I use mine for work) when you're traveling light yet still need to be efficient and organized. 

Getting Dirty

My favorite part of traveling with packing cubes is the ease of storing your laundry as you progress through your trip. As you wear clothes and get sweaty or dirty, you can put the dirties in a packing cube and keep them away from the clean clothes. 

At the end of the day, I never though I'd enjoy traveling with packing cubes. Now that I've traveled with them, I can't imagine not having them. So, yes, travel cubes are worth it. Pop over to Amazon, eBags, or any travel shop to find a great set. 

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