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Dealing with Travel Envy

Dealing with Travel Envy

Travel envy sucks and it's a difficult topic to address here at Three Star Traveler. It's important to keep a positive message throughout and while travel envy is not a lighthearted issue to address, it's a real part of a travel lifestyle. There are all types of travel envy. The green-eyed monster frequently rears its head when travel comes up in conversation. You've seen it or experienced it before and there are two sides to this beast - the envied and the envious. 

Travel Envy

The envied are usually the travelers - seen frequently as globe-trotters or professional vacationers. Even if you aren't a professional traveler, any time you take a trip, there's likely someone who is jealous of you. Whether you're an entrepreneur living the laptop lifestyle and working from anywhere in the world, or you travel for your employer, combining business and leisure, or you're simply a wealthy individual exploring the world, few people choose to be supportive of your lifestyle. 

Even if you're a regular traveler, you may find yourself on the envious side when scrolling through Instagram or hearing about someone else's dream trip. The envious are the people who make passive-aggressive remarks when you talk about your trips. These people also make excuses for why they can't travel or explain why they could never travel to the destinations you visit. The envious aren't necessarily malicious or ugly, but they are easy to identify by how they react in hearing about someone else's trips, travel, or vacations. 

Travel Conversations

Do these phrases sound familiar?

"I wish I could travel like you do."
"Once you have kids, fun things, like travel, have to wait."
"It must cost soooo much money to travel."
"Why do you travel so much?"
"Must be nice to get to travel all the time."
"You sure do take a lot of vacations."

Personally, I've heard all these multiple times over the years and I've heard all of them within the last six months. Sitting on the receiving end of these comments doesn't feel good. I believe most people don't realize how they come across, but these comments make travelers feel guilty for exploring the world and being different. Travelers are extremely aware their lifestyles are envied and find it discouraging to encounter people who aren't supportive. 

If you find yourself identifying with an envious person, here are some things you can do:

  • Ask how you can incorporate (more) travel into your life
  • Don't engage in travel chit chat if it makes you uncomfortable
  • Recognize everyone make their own choices and try to be supportive of their lifestyle
  • Don't worry about anyone else's financial/work/family situation

No matter your situation, you can travel anywhere in the world. You don't have shell out your life savings and you no longer have to feel envious towards people who are seeing the globe. And if you're already out there making travel a part of your life, try not to let any haters get you down. No matter where you are in life or in the world, keep doing the things you love and great things will happen. 

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