Retrospective: One Year of Video Mentorship

Over the course of the last year, I participated in a mentorship program with Todd Wolfe from CheeseSteak Media . This was an impulsive purchase after signing up for Jared Polin's Video Editing course from FroKnowsPhoto. Over the last twelve months, I enjoyed learning more about editing, because it's helped me understand more about filming. After six months, I wrote a short piece about my experience, but now that my mentorship is coming to an end, I'm excited to see what happens next. 

Video Understanding

My understanding of video, filming, and the basics of what makes a good shot and a good edit have dramatically improved over the course of this program. I am slowly moving from making videos only with a GoPro to using shots from my DSLR. There are so many tools to use and new ways to think about the shot that help me with both photography and videography. My knowledge and understanding of this world has increased and I plan to continue educating myself. 

Editing Speed

When I started editing videos, I never used any type of video editing software. I am a big fan of the Adobe suite, so I learned a little bit about Premiere Pro and After Effects. With Todd's suggestions, I continued to learn and with better understanding, I got faster during the editing process. I used to stare at my screen for hours. HOURS. I felt overwhelmed and exhausted at the thought of editing videos. Now, I know the tools a bit better. I understand the end product much more. So, editing is now an enjoyable part of the process instead of a hurdle to overcome.

Newfound Confidence

With better understanding and faster editing times, my confidence has sky rocketed. I am no longer afraid to get out there and film things that are interesting. I am making plans and have ideas in mind when I go to a destination. I feel more confident about making quicker edits and telling a stronger story. Additionally, I got comfortable enough sharing travel videos and telling the story of destinations, I began vlogging and sharing stories about travel. I look forward to future trips where I can film more and speak on camera in the moment. 

The Future

There's no where to go but up. I hope to build more video content into my overall content plan and strategy. I hope to gain many more subscribers on YouTube, as well has have readers sign up for my email list. And most importantly, I hope to hear from you, my travel friends, about what you want read and what you want to see. Thank you for your support in this journey and cheers to the future!