Why Travel Domestically

For this week's Why Travel post, I want to focus on why you should travel within your own country. I specifically didn't want to say, Why Travel to the USA. One reason is that it's an upcoming post and another reason is that just because I'm in the USA, doesn't mean you shouldn't explore your own locale. With readers all across the world, the travel community can only get better with all of us sharing our collective stories and reasons why we should visit a specific part of this planet. 

Why Travel Within Your Own Country

No matter what's going on in your area, you're probably proud of who you are and where you live. The place you call home is a noble and worthy area to explore. If you live somewhere like Paris, London, or Shanghai, you may think there are plenty of articles, blog posts, videos, and stories about your city. But those only scratch the surface. Be sure to explore and have your own experiences. A common occurrence is the United States is to live in an area like New York City for nearly your whole life and never visit the Statue of Liberty or Times Square. People travel from all over the globe to visit these attractions and yet, there are those who live within miles of it and never see it. It's okay if you're one of those people, but be sure to get out there and experience your town, city, or neighborhood on your terms in your own time. 

Be Intentional

With all this desire to travel and increased focus on digital nomads, we all tend to think about places we wish to visit and not the awesome places we have in front of us. When you travel domestically, you have the ability to be intentional about each and every place you visit, as well as the time you spend there. It's much easier for me to spend a week in San Francisco and plan another future trip and spend a week in San Diego. For those who don't travel to America or its west coast frequently, or ever, may feel like they have to get in both cities in the same amount of time. When my family visited France, we wanted to make sure we visited Paris, Chartres, and Mont Saint-Michel. But we only had six days! We could not be nearly as intentional about our experiences because we needed to pack in so much sight-seeing to our itinerary. 

There's no shame in exploring your home base. Whether it's where you were born and raised or somewhere you've just moved, seek out the things that interest you. You might find adventures where you least expect them.

Happy (local) Travels!