Why Travel to the United States

The United States is a destination many people around the world want to visit. Writing this from an American citizen perspective is quite unique because the US is accessible and easily travel-able for me. The more I travel and the more non-Americans I meet, the more I realize how many people want to visit. So, here's why you should travel to the USA.

Washington DC

Washington DC


Big Cities and Small Towns

The United States is home to New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago - some of the most well-known cities in the world. You can easily spend months in each of these cities and not experience everything there is to see, do, and eat in these famed destinations. You can also spend a few days in a large city and travel to a smaller town to see the more real Americana lifestyle. I'm not talking about visiting Brooklyn when you go to visit New York City. It's more like visiting Santa Barbara in addition to Los Angeles. Or visiting Indianapolis during your Chicago trip. If you want to get even smaller, consider renting a car and hitting the road. You'll find fewer people and more remote areas the more inland you go. Here are some helpful things to consider for your city destinations:

  • If you love theme parks, visit Orlando, Florida
  • If you love American football, visit Texas
  • If you love architecture, visit Chicago
  • If you love theater, visit New York City
  • If you love museums and history, visit Washington D.C.
Austin, TX

Austin, TX


Mountains and Beaches

If you're looking for nature, the United States has two major mountain ranges, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, a desert, and a rainforest. The country is so large, the diversity of flora and fauna is dramatic. Depending on what's most important for you to see will help you plan your trip. Here are some helpful destinations:
If you love old, woodsy mountains, visit the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee

  • If you love wide open deserts, visit Tucson, Arizona and Southern New Mexico
  • If you love trees, visit the Redwood forest in Northern California and southern Oregon
  • If you love big, tall, edgy mountains, visit Colorado and the Grand Tetons 
  • If you love rocky beaches, visit Maine
  • If you love wide, sandy beaches, visit North or South Carolina
  • If you love perfect weather year round, visit Los Angeles/Southern California
Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona


Off the Beaten Path Destinations

If you're looking for somewhere a bit more off-the-beaten path in the United States, consider visiting places like Raleigh, North Carolina (although I'm biased because it's where I live - come say hi!) or Seattle, Washington. If you want even more off the beaten path, visit some of our national parks in Utah, Wyoming, Montana, or Idaho. These areas are still relatively untamed and you can go for miles and miles without seeing other cars on the road or even homes. If you want to go even more remote, plan a trip to Hawaii and Alaska, our two states not directly "attached" to the traditional 48 states. Most Americans don't visit these states, so you'll be able to share your stories from a unique perspective. 

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Idaho Falls, Idaho

The only problem with visiting America, whether you live in the States or not, is trying to see everything. The country is so varied in climate, topography, and culture, it's hard to determine where to go and how much time to spend there. Whether you're an American looking to travel domestically, or a visitor from abroad, you'll have a great time in the United States of America, no matter where you choose to travel. 

Happy Travels!